Search results

How the search results are presented

With one search you get search results from several different sources. The results are presented in different tabs:

  • Library Collection
  • National Repository Library
  • E-articles (only in organizations' portals)

Library Collection

The library collections include books, journals and theses. The organization portals include also databases and other e-resources.

National Repository Library

In the Repository Library tab the search is conducted in the Vaari database of the Repository Library. Material from the Repository Library can be requested to Tritonia.

E-articles (only in universities' portals)

E-articles include international publications, e-books and peer-reviewed research publications from various fields of science and publishers.

The search is conducted in an international index (Ex Libris Central Discovery Index, CDI) that includes content from licensed databases as well as from Open Access repositories.

Read more about article search.

Holds and requests

Items in the library

Textbooks and the newest and most frequently used subject and research literature are placed in the library. Books available in the library can be picked up directly from the shelves and cannot be reserved in Finna. If all items (excluding possible short loans) are borrowed you can place a hold.

NB! Holds cannot be placed in the following cases

  • items available in the library (see Tritonia Express)
  • shortloans
  • titles/items that already are checked out to you
  • books for staff use and project loans

NB! Currently it is not possible to place holds for items at Tritonia Allegro (Jakobstad) in Finna. Please contact

Items in remote stacks

Items that can be borrowed

The remaining subject and research literature is placed in remote stacks outside the library. These items must be requested in Finna in advance. The staff collects items from the remote stacks daily.

Items for reading room use

In the remote stacks there are also older volumes of journals, special collections and other resources that cannot be borrowed. You can use this form to request the items to read them in the library.

Placing the hold/request

  • Find the book in Finna.
  • Click the title of the book to get further information.
  • Make sure that you logged in to Finna.
  • If it is possible to place a hold/request the button "Place hold | request" is visible.
  • If needed you can change the date the item is no longer required. By default the hold will be valid for 2 years.
  • Click "Place hold | requested".

Pick up and borrow the reserved items

You will receive an e-mail when the requested item is available for pickup and borrowing. The item is available in the pickup shelf for 3 opening days. In Tritonia (Vaasa) you can find your reservations placed according to the last four digits in your personal reservation ID. You can check the last day for pickup and the reservation ID in the item available notice, the Tuudo app or in Finna (Your Account).

Remember to borrow the reserved items with the self-service machine!

If you want to cancel a reservation that has already arrived, email us at

Borrowing from the National Repository Library

You can order material from the National Repository Library to Tritonia’s units. Instructions for ordering:

  • Search for the item you want to order
  • Choose the tab "National Repository Library"
  • Click on the title
  • Place a request with the interlibrary loan form linked to the item


  • Borrowing from the National Repository Library is 2€/item for students and staff at our universities and universities of applied sciences, for other customers the price per item is 12 €.
  • You will receive an e-mail when your book is ready for pickup.
  • The loan period is usually 4 weeks.
  • Before placing an interlibrary loan request, check if the book is available at Tritonia or any of the other local libraries.

Find databases

Note! Only in universities' portals.

You can find databases in different ways:

  • Choose Search functions-> browse databases in the menu bar
  • Type the name of the database you want to find into the search box
  • Click browse databases on front page

Search for articles

Note! Only in universities' portals.

In article search you can search for international articles, e-books and peer-reviewed research publications from various fields of science and publishers.

The search is conducted in an international index (Central Discovery Index, CDI) that includes content from licensed databases as well as from Open Access repositories.

Most of the licensed databases subscribed by the universities are included in the Central Discovery Index. However for example Ebsco's databases are not fully covered in CDI. All comprehensive searches should always be done also in database's own user interfaces.

You can find the article search on front page below search field.

You can also conduct a normal search and then choose the tab "e-articles". Search results can be easily narrowed with narrow search menu, use for example full text available and peer reviewed. Full text articles link straight to the databases, same article can be available in several different databases.

How to link

Link and share materials

You can link and share books, journals and other materials in different ways. Open the record view page and:

  • Copy the link/URL from the address bar
  • Send the link to email
  • Share the link on social media

Links copied from Finna automatically include information about remote access service.

Link and share search results

You can copy the link to the search results from the address bar. You can also save the search, take the RSS-feed and send the link via email. These functions can be found at the end of the search results page.

More information about how to link in the databases can be found on Libguides